Transcript of Pastor Jackie Green's Pastoral Succession Announcement on January 29, 2017 to the congregation of Calvary Chapel of Praise:

"As all of you know, my husband and I have pastored here for 20 years before he passed.  He passed away eight years in February.  I've been here for 28 years this October.  When he passed, the board and within the bylaws of the constitution, [states the Pastor's successor will be appointed by the Senior Pastor and confirmed by the Elder Board] that I would become the Senior Pastor.  I never thought it would ever come to that. 

God has certainly brought me out of my shell, and has certainly anointed me to preach the Gospel.  He has given me words, to which at first I would speak almost every Sunday, and He gave me words for all those years.  I have the notebooks to prove it!  He's been very faithful to me.  But I knew in the back of my heart that there would come a time for transition.  I would ask the Lord, 'How are you going to use me?' I would never get an answer.  I would just say 'Okay, Lord, I'm obedient.' I can tell you the time, it was when Sister Sylvia [Evans] was here this last time.  We were walking into my office...and I heard the Holy Spirit drop into my heart 'The time is now, the time is now to transfer the reins.' 

As of this coming year we are in transition.  My son has been called from my womb.  My mom, when he was two years old, gave him a bible and said 'Preach!'  He went to Bible School, and it's time for God to use him, and use his's time for him to step into his place in the Kingdom, for such a time as this. 

Now it's going to happen in November.  So we have the rest of this year for transition.  I will be an Overseer Pastor.  I'll still be on the Board, but I will not be in the [Senior] Pastor position after November because it's time.  The Lord told me it's time.  So  I'm excited in one way, and I'm tearful in another...I know He's leading me and I have to follow.  I have to hear His voice and walk where He tells me to walk.  Amen.  Calvary Chapel of Praise, this is going to be your knew [Lead] Pastor in November.  Praise You, Jesus!

We will have a service with Pastor [Richard] Hilton, Sylvia Evans, and that will be in November [17th].  It will be the transfer, and transition right then.  They [our Apostolic Overseers] are right on board with us.  We are excited about that.  Amen.  We're tearful too; it's a big thing."

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